Cheer Photo Day

Photo Day

Below is information and the schedule for our Photo Day on Saturday, April 13th, at Rosewood Park ChurchPlease arrive at least 30 minutes before your photo time so that you can get your form (one per class for those in multiple), find your class, and remove your outerwear.  Care has been taken to ensure that those who are in multiple classes have enough time between.  Please arrive with your child ready-to-go – hair and makeup done and uniform on.




Uniforms and Poms

Our uniforms should be arriving at the end of March.  They will be sorted, packed with your scrunchie, and handed out as soon as we receive them.  Please try them on and ensure that there are no major issues. Undergarments should not show from underneath the outfits. No pantyhose.  Please remember your poms!


Shoes and Socks

To reduce the cost of participation, we are not requiring all-white shoes specific to cheer class.  You are welcome to wear athletic shoes that you have with low-cut (preferably white) sock (not included).


Hair and Make-up

All hair should be secured in a ponytail on the TOP of the here.  The key is the TOP to ensure that the scrunchie is visible.  There is no requirement for curled or straightened hair – this is up to you whether you want to keep the hair as it naturally is or to curl/straighten it.

Makeup is used in brighten and highlight features in a stage setting.  We have a relaxed make-up approach to save on the cost of makeup that may go to waste after two uses and to reduce the stress of preparation for Photo Day and the Showcase.

Please find attached a guideline for hair and makeup for Photo Day and the Year-end Performance:

Ordering Extra Prints

Each participant will get one 8″x10″ print that contains both their individual and group photos, and two 5″x7″ individual photos with your program registration.  You have the opportunity to order extra prints, buttons, or bag tags.  Online pre-orders have closed to prepare for Photo Day.  If you missed out on the pre-order, please check in with us when you arrive Saturday, we can accept cash or charge the card on your file.

Get in Touch. 

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