Youth Recreation

A Twin Lake Membership / CA Membership is required for registration.  Memberships will now be added to family accounts in JackRabbit at the start of each new programming year and can be paid for at the same time as programming.  If you have a CA membership other than from Twin Lakes, any registrations will not be verified until an email with the CA membership has been sent to the Twin Lakes Community.

Current Class Offerings

Beginner Photography Class

Suitable for kids in grade 6 – 12  (10 – 18 years).

  During this 3 day program, the students will learn how to properly use their own digital camera or the camera in their cell phone – ownership of a camera is not necessary to take this course (but it makes it easier!)  Please ask your child to share their photos with you.  Photos may be copied and used for instruction or to share with participants during the course, but will be deleted.  It will be the participant or the parent’s responsiblity to download photos from the camera or phone, and to gain permission for the use of photos of others.

  Parents are welcome to hang around and see what we’re doing, but keep in mind you might be put to work as equipment or prop carriers, computer helpers or fashion models!  

Participants will need to bring:

  • A cell phone or digital camera (preferred, any brand or size).
  • Fresh batteries (or charged phone)
  • USB stick (to save photos, min. 4 GB)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A positive attitude

 Goals of this club are as follows:

  • How to compose different subjects, people and action.
  • How to use light effectively
  • How to use a camera, flash, and different settings
  • How to download, save, and do basic editing of photos
  • How to have fun with a camera 


Atomic Smashball (Volleyball)

Suitable for kids in grade 4 – 6  (10 – 12 years).

During this 5 week program, the children will:

  • learn the basic skills of volleyball
  • practice the skills through modified game play (Smashball)
  • use lighter and softer volleyballs and play on a smaller court

Smashball is a fun, fast-paced volleyball game-play variation that emphasizes attacking (hitting/spiking).

(No classes on stat holidays and school closures)

No equipment necessary.

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