Scholarship Award

We offer a scholarship award yearly, available to those who reside in the Twin Lakes Community.


Scholarship Information

Twin Lakes Community Association accepts applications for the TLCA Scholarship Award in March and April of the current year. Application deadline is April 30th each year. TLCA will award a scholarship award in the amount up to $500.00 to one student from each of the high schools in our area (Winston Knoll Collegiate and Riffel High School). An additional scholarship award maybe given to a resident of the Twin Lakes Community who attends school outside the catchment for various reasons such as French Immersion Programs or French Schools, Religious Schools, Sports Academies, Home School, etc.


1. Must be a resident of the Twin Lakes Community.

2. Attendance/acceptance in any post-secondary educational, technical or trades program in the upcoming Fall.

3. Must provide list of any volunteer activities within the community, at school, for charitable organizations, city programs, etc.

4. Must provide the following information: name, address, email address, phone number, high school currently attending, name of the post-secondary educational institute student will be attending.  Please include the name and email address of your principal, vice-principal or guidance counsellor who we can contact to verify your submission information (you should notify them that we will be contacting them via email).

5. All submissions must be received on or before April 30 by emailing


1. Entries are restricted to residents of Lakewood, Maple Ridge, Rochdale Park and Skyview.

2. Information provided will only be used for the purpose intended.

3. The Twin Lakes Community Association will award the scholarship award dsin sole discretion.

4. By submitting your name, you agree that should you be the chosen recipient, you authorize the Twin Lakes Community Association to post your name and/or picture and/or details of your submission on the official TLCA website, in the TLCA newsletter and on any official TLCA social media.

5. The Twin Lakes Community Association reserves the right to add/delete/change any aspect of the bursary/scholarship program at any time.

Past Recipients:

  • Jaden Luzny – Winston Knoll Collegiate – 2017
  • Jayvn Bulych – Winston Knoll Collegiate – 2017
  • Kristi Hayko – Winston Knoll Collegiate – 2017
  • Rachel Hamilton – Michael A. Riffel 2016
  • Melissa Herdzik – Archbishop M.C. O’Neill 2016
  • Todd Pilon – Michael A. Riffel 2015
  • Nicole Quintanilla – Regina Christian School – 2015
  • Kaylee Hayko and Marisa Cuddington  – Winston Knoll Collegiate -2015
  • Anna Pham – Archbishop M.C. O’Neill 2014
  • Jesseca Beals– Winston Knoll Collegiate 2014
  • Brayden Deibert – Micheal A. Riffle2014
  • Joelle Nelson – O’Neill High School 2013
  • Mackenzie Kent – Winston Knoll Collegiate 2013
  • Benjamin Morgan – Michael A Riffel High School 2013
  • Ava Tomasiwicz – O’Neill High School 2012
  • Lora Margaret Whilhelms – Winston Knoll Collegiate 2012
  • Kathryn Merk – Michael A Riffel High School 2012
  • Marshall Morgan – Riffel High School 2011
  • Michael-Ana Luzny – Winston Knoll Collegiate 2011
  • Aliah Nelson – O’Neill High School (French Immersion Program) 2011
  • Landon Bessel – Winston Knoll Collegiate 2010
  • Alanah Mueller – Michael A. Riffel High School 2010
  • Travis Earis – Archibishop M.C. O’Neill High School (French Immersion Program) 2010
  • Kyla Hosie – Winston Knoll Collegiate – 2009
  • Megan Aresenault – Riffel High School – 2009

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